Don’t buy a 32 GB Smartphone in 2017

“Storage in the Smartphones is definitely a note taking point when buying a phone”

Smartphone will works with large app sizes and storage space, Is a smartphone with 32 GB enough? No, not at all. You’ll definitely need 64 GB. So, stop buying 32 gigabytes smartphones, instead of them buy 64 gigabytes smartphone.

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The reason why you need to buy 64 GB is that your phone is going bigger in the coming days (2017). Default google apps will take around hundreds of MB. Everyday apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp will took around 100 or 200 MB, cause all the chat history, photos and videos are stored in caches of apps. Games are normally a bit of larger in size you need to think of space before going to install. Who don’t like Asphalt 8 Airborne, everyone love to play. But you’ll negotiate to install it ’cause you know Asphalt 8 Airborne weighs more than 1 GB of space. In the coming days, the apps will get more complex with larger sizes.

Everyone love to capture photos and record videos. Now a days smartphones has large camera pixels and 4K recording which will take a serious amount of storage space.

As you know in-built firmware and all takes up 7 GB, but in 2017 it could move to 10 GB or more (expected)
Just think if it take 10 GB without installing a single app in it.

“Phones with Android Nougat needs more space”

With 32 GB you may struggle a bit, so it’s better to grab a 64 GB smartphone. So, what do you think of it, are you going to buy 64 GB phone, let us know in the comments!

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